How our sessions work, and what we’re aiming to do

Our goal is that everyone who attends a tasting can have fun, to experience whisky in perhaps a new way and to feel like their ideas and opinions are heard, so we have a few guidelines:

  1. Before the tasting, we will only release the theme with a little information to give you an idea about the evening. You will only find out what the whiskies are on the night.|
  2. Whiskies are tasted blind (with the bottles wrapped up), so that attendees have opportunity to taste their whisky without preconceived ideas about the drams.
  3. We talk about our experiences of the aromas and tastes, and then as a bit of fun make some guesses about the whisky that they are tasting (ABV, price, distillery name). We get this right less often than you might think.
  4. We’ll aim to keep the “structured” part of the tasting to less than two hours, so that there is time to socialise afterwards.
  5. We want to promote responsible drinking, so we pour small drams of each of the whiskies that we taste – enabling people to have a final dram if they wish. Water and spitoons are supplied, because we don’t want anyone to think they have to finish anything they’re not enjoying!

Sound good?

(there’s also a booking policy which we follow, which is useful to know about)