Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society

We'd like to say a huge thanks to all the people who helped make the Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society such a success by joining in at our tastings over the years.

Sadly we've been unable to revive the group owing to a number of factors. If you are interested in finding whisky tastings in Bristol, we can recommend our friends as follows:

The Dusties

Dan over at the Dusties runs some quite high-end tastings every couple of months - more info at


Katy runs a wonderful independent spirit & wine shop, and through her extensive industry network is able to put on some excellent tasting sessions for all sorts of drinks (including, of course, whisky) -

Independent Spirit of Bath

A little way from Bristol but WELL worth the journey! Chris is a bona fide legend, and as well as a fantastically curated drinks selection he also runs a compelling programme of tastings throughout the year, which no self-respecting whisky fan should miss! -

The Whisky Lounge

A fab group of people who run high-quality tastings and festivals all over the country: they usually put on a fantastic annual event in Bristol - for more info.

Corks of Bristol

Superb indie booze shops who also occasionally put on customer events. Well worth checking out -

If you hear of any others that are worth sharing, or if you're thinking of starting running whisky tastings and would like any advice, assistance, or just some extra bums on seats we'd love to hear from you - we're on Facebook and the social media channel formerly known as Twitter.