Thursday May 23rd 2019 – Campbeltown Classics

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May – Campbeltown Classics

Date: Thursday May 23rd 2019 @ 7.30pm

Host: Chris Borrow

Theme: Whisky from the Campbeltown Region of Scotland

Location: The Tasting Room – The Rummer Hotel.

Tickets: Buy Tickets for Battle of The Bottles!!!

Notes: Campbeltown is one of the five recognised Scotch Whisky producing regions. It is an often overlooked region that at one point in its history, referred to itself as “The Whisky Capital of the World.”

Many of you may know the location of this area, thanks to a famous song about the Kintyre Peninsula created by one of its most famous residents – Sir Paul McCartney, however many of you may have never knowingly tried a Campbeltown whisky. This month you will be treated to six special whiskies, that allow you to taste all that the region has to offer.

As usual the whiskies will be tasted blind, in an informal atmosphere, where experience and learning are put before the need to know everything, so whether you are whisky mad or whisky curious, you will still enjoy the evening!