As a society, we want everyone who attends a tasting to have fun, to experience whisky in a new way and to feel like their ideas and opinions are heard, so we have a few rules:

  1. Before the tasting, we will only release the theme with a little information to give you an idea about the evening. You will only found out the whiskies if you attend the night.
  2. All whiskies at BWAS are tasted blind, so that tasting attendees drink their whisky without preconceived ideas about the drams.
  3. At each tasting event, attendees will be encouraged to share their experiences of aromas and tastes, then to make some guesses (ABV, price, distillery name) about the whisky that they are tasting.
  4. We will always try to keep the more formal part of the tasting to less than two hours, so that there is time to socialise afterwards.
  5. We want to promote responsible drinking, so we will aim to pour small drams of each of the whiskies that we taste at a society event.